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Expander - decelerator - hydraulic simulator EZ1

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Dvoukanálový expandér, zpomalovač impulsů a simulátor hydrauliky EZ1
Dvoukanálový expandér, zpomalovač impulsů a simulátor hydrauliky EZ1
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Do you need to increase the angle of the servo movement, significantly slow down its movement or simulate hydraulic part in your model? Read on. Expander - Decelerator - Hydraulic simulator is two-channel and is connected between receiver and servo. It brings together the four function. It can transform the input pulses on the output so that the extent of possible movement of the driver (1-2 ms) corresponds to the range of possible servo movement (0.5 to 2.5 ms). Gear ratio between input and output pulses is linear. Both channels can be independently set to slow changes in pulse to 20 seconds per pulses wide 1 ms (it is corresponding to a rotation angle about 90 degrees. For example for maximum deceleration servo rotates for 40 seconds per 180 degrees. Hydraulic simulator means that servo movement is controlled by three position switch UP - STOP - DOWN. Output signal in both channels are on two outputs. In case of failure on the input pulse expander-decelerator will begin after 1 second generates default pulse replacement. Expander-decelerator dimensions are 25 x 15 x 5 mm and its weight is 7 grams.

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