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Active cooling for controller MR4316AC NG.to a switchboard

Basic description: active cooling for controller MR4316AC NG to a switchboard

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Modul s ventilátory
Modul s ventilátoryModul s ventilátory - namontovaný na regulátoruKolíčky pro připojení ventilátorů
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Solar power components - MPPS DC controllers

Active cooling for the MR4316AC NG controller to a switchboard reduces the temperature of the heat sinks, thus allowing the full power of the controller to be used. The cooling module contains two fans mounted on columns to the controller base plate. The fans blow air onto the heat sinks below. The fans are connected to two pins on the motherboard and the controller switches them according to the current temperature of the heat sinks.

Note: connection and automatic switching is only possible when used with controllers that have the pins on the board ready for connection (i.e. controllers manufactured from the end of March 2023). Fans cannot be connected to older controllers and cannot be pegged for connection. In this case, the fans can also be used, but they must be connected to an external 12 V power supply, which can also be powered by photovoltaic panels.

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