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Current sensor SP-50.

Basic description: current sensor for battery monitor MB60-16-3A for DC current measuring in range from -50 A to +50 A.

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The sensor is powered by 5 V from the MB60-16-3A battery monitor, the output voltage is proportional to the current flowing through the sensor with a Hall probe. The diameter of the six holes for cables mounting is 6 mm. The maximum current +/- 50 A cannot be exceeded without risk of damaging the sensor. The dimensions of the sensor are 46 x 51 x 22 mm. Sensor cane be mounted to a switchboard by four holes in the corners. It is connected to the battery monitor with a four-core cable (not included).

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Monitor baterie MB60-16-3A
Basic description: battery monitor MB60-16-3A is a system for measuring, balancing and protecting lithium batteries with 16 cells and ballancing current with active cooling 3 A.
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Price with VAT7 550,00
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