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Battery monitor MB60-4-6A.

Basic description: battery monitor MB60-4-6A is a system for measuring, balancing and protecting lithium batteries with 4 cells and ballancing current 6 A.

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Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A
Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A Monitor baterie MB60-4-6A
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Basic description of battery monitor MB60-4-6A:

Battery Monitor MB60-4-6A is a system designed to monitor the voltages of every cell of lithium battery, to automatically balance their voltages to eventually (if expansion board is used) to measure current and disconnect the appliance or the charger. The system can work with 4-cell batteries, but the system can be expanded to up to 16 cells (or for a special order up to 80 cells). Maximal voltage of a cells can be of 4.3 V. The voltage of all cells, unlike competing products, is measured by one input of one microprocessor, there is no need to use voltage transducers or a bus to communicate with a group of other microprocessors. As a result, there is no scatter of the measured values due to external circuits even for a large number of cells in the series and all voltages are easily comparable. The range in which the battery cell voltage can be adjusted can be set from 2 to 4.3 V. The voltage difference over which the alignment starts can be set from 5 to 50 mV. The system is powered by a monitored battery. If a battery cell is discharged, monitoring is terminated and the system disconnects itself completely from the battery to prevent it from deep discharging. If the battery has te be monitored continuously, the system can be powered by an external 5 V power supply.

Other MB60 battery monitor components ....

Voltage and balance measurement board MB60-4-6A-MNV:

each for up to 4 cells. Up to next 3 (or 19 for special order) additional 4-cell boards can be connected to the base module for 16 (80) cells battery. The expansion boards are connected to each other by an eight-core cable. The boards are designed to pin the voltage of individual cells to the processor on the control board so that it can measure and compensate by discharging the cells with too high a voltage.

MB60-4-6A basic technical data:

Number of cells: 4.

Cell voltage: may range from 2 to 4.3 V.

Power: from monitored battery or external power supply 9 to 18 V.

Balancing current: max. 6 A per cell.

Maximal ballancing power: 70 watts.

Minimal permitted cell voltage: adjustable from 2 V to 50 mV step.

Maximal permitted cell voltage: adjustable to 4.3 V at 50 mV step.

Maximum allowable cell voltage difference: adjustable from 5 to 50 mV in 5 mV increments.

Repetition cell count interval: adjustable to 0.1 or 0.5 to 5 minutes.

Measured and displayed quantities: voltage of individual cells, current, minimum and maximum battery voltage, temperature.

Operating temperature: 0 to 40 ° C.

Working humidity: up to 80%.

System dimensions: 169 x 86 x 66 mm.

Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks after ordering.

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