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Expanding board MB60-8-MNV-6A.

Basic description: The MB60-8-MNV-6A is expansion board allows you to extend the MB60 battery monitor by measuring and balancing next 8 cells. One expanding board can be used for a max. 16 cell battery. (at the special order we can make board version for battery with up to 80 cells). The balancing current is 6 A.

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Basic description of expansion board MB60-8-MNV-6A:

The MB60-8-MNV-6A is expansion board what can not be used separately but only with the MB60-8-6A battery monitor. It enables the MB60-8-6A to extend the measurement and balancing of additional 8 battery cells. In this way, one additional boards can be used to extend the monitor up to 16 battery cells (expansion boards can be made on special order for up to 80 cells).

MB60-8-6A MNV basic technical data:

Number of cells: 8.

Balancing current: max. 6 A per cell.

Maximal ballacing power: 200 watts (fan cooling).

Operating temperature: 0 to 40 ° C.

Working humidity: up to 80%.

System dimensions: 169 x 86 x 43 mm.

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