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Ballancer and voltage limiter ON-4 UTP 20A.

Basic description: ballancer and voltage limiter for Li-Fe battery with extrem power, 4 separate sections, balancing current to 20 A, limit voltage of 3.61 V, ballancing by external driving, fast connection with RJ45 cables.

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Omezovač napětí ON4-UTP 20A
Omezovač napětí ON4-UTP 20A Omezovač napětí ON4-UTP 20A Omezovač napětí ON4-UTP 20A Omezovač napětí ON4-UTP 20A
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Voltage limiter is designed to protect individual cell Li - Fe (cells with a cutoff voltage of 3.6 V) against overcharging. It helps better distribution of the charging voltage of the battery with four Li- Fe (rated voltage 12 V). The maximum balancing current is 20 A. The voltage limiter is connected in parallel to the every cell, it means every cell has to be connected to the limiter. Limiters can be connected into series, thus increasing the total number of cells, or in parallel, it increases maximal balancing current. Limiter will automatically discharges the cells, when their voltage reaches 3.61 V and protects them against overcharging. Reaching the threshold voltage of any cell is signalized by green LED. Battery can be balanced by an external signal and can be decrease offset voltage of the cells during charging. External balancing through a superior control system is indicated by yellow LEDs . As soon as any cell is balanced,the fan automatically starts. Board is ready for easy connection with board PN16 UTP (16 channels cell voltage convertor for ARDUINO control system) with RJ45 cables.

Module dimensions are 163 x 111 x 62 mm.

Your question Ballancer and voltage limiter ON-4 UTP 20A.

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