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Ballancer VNB4.

Basic description: voltage ballancer for four-cell lithium batteries, balancing current up to 4.5 A, adjustable parameters of ballancing, temperature sensor.

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Vyrovnávač VNB4
Vyrovnávač VNB4 Vyrovnávač VNB4 Vyrovnávač VNB4 Vyrovnávač VNB4
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Basic description:

Voltage ballancer VNB4 is an automatic module for protection and balancing of lithium battery with four cells. It monitors the voltage of each battery cell, automatically balances its voltage with up to 4.5 A (using a fan* up to 6 A), and instructs external board (using the charger disconnector and ONS4*) to disconnect the appliance or charger. The voltage of all cells, unlike other devices, is measured by one input of one microprocessor, so there is no dispersion of the measured values. Another advantage of the system is that it does not need an external power supply to power it, it is powered by a monitored battery. If the battery is empty, the monitoring is terminated and the system is completely disconnected from the battery so that it does not continue to discharge. If it is necessary to monitor the battery continuously, the system can be powered by an external 5 V supply. There are fife parameters what can be preset: the minimum and maximum cell voltages from 2.2 to 4.4 V, the maximum allowable cell voltage disballancing, depth of ballancing and period of testing of cells. There are three indicators on the board, the first indicates which cell is being measured and which is being equalized, the second indicates the voltage of the weakest or selected cell, and the third indicates whether the voltage of all cells is between the set minimum and maximum voltages. The ballancer dimensions are 85 x 80 x 30 mm.

* can be ordered as a special accessory

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